Sunday, January 25, 2009

sunday, and the livin's easy. The snow has yet to cease and it's about time. I finished my homework and am enjoying some charles mingus and coffee and popcorn. I like to eat my popcorn by lifting the entire bowl to my mouth and sticking my tongue in to cover it with exploded kernels. I don't share my popcorn. I went for a walk earlier and my polarized sunglasses made all the colors really 'pop' in contrast to the snow. Awesome and surreal. The naked trees were a mottled maroon and seem to shiver the snow out of their branches every now and again. The view outside my window would be a lot better if i rented a bulldozer and took out the neighbors house. that's worth fantasizing about for a minute. I have some sort of spider bite on my stomach. It's red and angry. It seems to have gotten smaller since a couple of days ago, and if i owned a digital camera I'd probably snap a shot and post it here. I'm mostly hoping that I won't give birth to an alien clown thing that crawls out of my abdomen and then eats me while releasing mini spider clowns to take over the earth. although the earth may be better off with alien clown spiders in charge. who really knows? maybe stephen king.

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