Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mount Rainier Winter Expedition Skills Seminar Jan. 2012

A co-worker of mine recently took a work stint on a fishing vessel in Alaska counting fish. This opened up an opportunity for me to work a 5 day seminar on the beautiful and cold Mt. Rainier. 

Thanks Tim! ( I think)

Looks real nice, right?

In reality, the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny. We had to deal with a pretty stiff wind on the way up to Muir, but the shelters were a nice escape once we arrived. We did a little snow camping on the way up for one night.

This is what it looked like on the way up:

Then we got above the cloud layer:

The conditions were great for booting up, terrible for skiing:

If you look you can see Mt. St. Helen, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Jefferson.

THEN, my battery died in my camera. A client, Ming, brought a huge camera a took a bazillion photos so I'll continue this story later when I can illustrate it more effectively. Until then, just wonder how far up the mountain we got in January....


Erin Grieve said...

Levi -

Do you know Danny Ozment? Good friend of mine that works as a guide on Rainier.

Levi said...

I don't, Erin. Do you know what service he works for? How are you? Finally gonna get some snow there :)