Monday, January 23, 2012

Seattle Art Museum

When Lauren and I get time off together we usually fill it with skiing or climbing or something outdoors and fun. We both had a day off a couple days ago and were just beat from work, and running around. So we had a super great lazy day full of doing nothing. We capped it off by cruising down to the Art Museum and wandering around pointing at things. Here's a random smattering of pics I took with my phone:

Yes, those are full size Ford Tauruses doing flips. Good use of Taurus.

I like that she matches the art.

At first glance I thought there was a bong exhibit, but no, it's just cool glass art.

The Porcelain Room

Lauren, when she's relaxing....

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Amanda said...

You can tell I wasn't paying much attention to what I was looking at, my first thought was 'Whoa, settle down cowboy.'