Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AMGA Rock Instructor Course, Smith Rocks, Oregon

I've spent the last six days at Smith Rock State Park near Bend Oregon participating in an AMGA Rock Instructor Course. This is course is the first in a succession of courses with the goal of full international certification. It's a very cool, long, expensive process that is quite difficult. Somehow we've been blessed with fantastic weather, despite some ominous forecasts. We've been spending our time with two instructors; Dale Remsburg, Technical Director of the AMGA and Tom Hargis, one of the owners of Exum Mountain Guides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. These guys are phenomenal!

Looking up at Zebra Zion, what an awesome route!

Tom climbing up to Katie's belay

The zoo that is Smith Rock on a sunny weekend day

This place lends itself to pictures

On Belay?

The man, the legend, Tom Hargis

Post climb chillin'

What a pretty helmet

I may need a shower

Today was a classroom day, lots of presentations on various aspects of guiding. It was perfect, cuz the weather was sub-par. Tomorrow we head back out for short rope instruction, then a day of rescue training. That'll about wrap up the course. Hopefully I'll get into the next course next year!

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Amanda said...

I like your climbing pictures. Glad your finding some awesomeness out there in the world. :) We miss you though and expect you to come ski with the kids at least once this winter.