Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finished the summer season and THIS happened...

After an incredibly busy summer on Mount Rainier, I cut it a little short and spent a week or so doing some climbing just for fun. You see, I was starting to wonder if I even liked climbing anymore. Guiding on Rainier is time and energy consuming and even when I had a rare day off I didn't have any energy or motivation to get up and *gasp* climb something else! So I went with my friend Kurt and we climbed some fun, easy Cascade routes in good style. Turns out I do still like me some alpine clambering!

View from 8500ish above the Roosevelt Glacier, Mt. Baker

This is part of the approach. A little committing, but I got Kurt to do all the hard work.

Doing some Glacier Slogging up the Roosevelt. I have mad slogging skills.

Bottom of the Coleman Glacier. Real pretty.

All pictures above this sentence are on Mt. Baker in NW Washington. We went up to do the North Ridge, but came down from our bivy at 8500 because it socked in with clouds and wind and looked not fun. Good enough reason for me.

Cascade Pass, looking up at Mixup Peak.

Turn right at the toilet sign

Cruising the very casual Cache Glacier, with Sahale Peak in the background

Nice gunsight notch.

Don't know the name of this, but it's beautiful.

This is Mixup Peak. We climbed up it. To the high part.

Mid route.

El Cumbre!

"White steps for giant people" was the route description.

This is not artsy, this is a cheap camera.

I spent a few more days in the mountain, but that was the really good ones.

 Hope you like the pics!


Wendy Swart said...

Love it Levi!! Glad you had fun!

Kurt Hicks said...

The pretty peak is Mt. Formidable. It's a fun climb and not that hard to get to for the Cascades!

Amanda said...

I especially like the 'mid-route' shot.