Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Lil' Bit of Running, and a Sicky Ski Vid

Haven't been doing much lately. I've been running, climbing at the Seattle Bouldering Project, and doing some weight training in their weight room. I'm planning some adventures. I figure if I plan enough of them, one of them is bound to happen.

If anyone heads to Seattle soon, I highly recommend the Seattle Bouldering Project. It is one of the most laid back gyms I've ever been to. It's large and well designed, and whoever picks their playlist is a genius!

Ok, ok, here's the video:

And this one:

I'm heading up to Mt.Rainier this weekend and maybe some skiing will go down. Fingers crossed!


karla said...

Just want you to know I check out your blog.
Loved the music in the videos. and the skiing looked so fun...i wish....

Jayne said...

Your sicky vid just made me die a little inside.
It makes me want to pull on my hard boots and go stomp around in the skiff of snow on the lawn.