Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RIC Part Deux, The End.

Well, I'm back in Seattle after the completion of the Rock Instructor course. It was a phenomenal class. The weather got cold and rainy/snowy the last couple days, so we ditched the bivy spot and descended on Solveig's house. Many thanks for the place to sleep, you may have saved my life! You at least saved yourself  from hearing me whine...

We did some short roping practice on a sunny, windy day near asterick pass. The next day it snowed so we escaped to the Bend Rock Gym for some heated rescue practice and technique. I love this techy stuff and thoroughly enjoyed the day. That pretty much wrapped up the course, and here's some pics to round it out:

Practicing rescue skills indoors while it snows outside

Top Rope Belay

Transfers into a lower. Sick!

The above rope systems are super effecient and streamlined, however it can be quite tricky to wrap your head around everything that's going on at the anchor and at your harness. Practice is imperative!

That's a nice clean anchor

Short Rope Primer

It was the day before it snowed. Hence the puffy's.

Many thanks for Dale and Tom for a great class! Many thanks to Paul and RMI for subsidizing the course and encouraging every one to sign up! And many thanks to my co workers at RMI for making the whole course so damn fun!

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