Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Secret Running Trails

I have a few trails down here in Price that I love to run on. They are all mountain bike singletrack built by Fuzzy over at Bicycle Works. He runs a tight shop, listens to metal, and builds sick trails.

This is how it starts.

I like running on singletrack because it's built for people moving pretty quick. These trails are fast and swoopy. There's tight corners, and overhanging trees, and steep exposed ridges.

Wasatch Plateau and wildfire haze

Looking down on Price

Sometimes you have to run around oil pumping rigs.

You get a rhythm going between your lungs and your heart and your legs and then you start flowing. Just cruising over the terrain like you've always run there and you'll always be running there and dammit you were meant to run there.

This trail in particular kind of sucks you in. You start running faster and faster and you don't realize it until you're out of breath and you realize your smiling like a kid again. I love it.

There's rocks and branches and falling could be disastrous, but it's so sweet to move fast.

Its the times when I totally lose myself running, become immersed in my movement, and fully give in to the trail and my body, that I love running.

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