Thursday, May 21, 2009


All right, I've been busier than you know who in a you know what. Got up to Wyoming a few weeks ago for a ski tour attempt to climb Gannett Peak. We didn't summit but we gave it a good effort and were thwarted by the weather. There's always next year. Here's a couple shots:

Never mind, my computer doesn't want to. I'll try a link to a trip report, instead.

I also got out last sunday for a little trad climbing with my friend Brett. We cruised up Little Cottonwood Canyon and tackled The Coffin. It was a great 5.9 crack with a sketchy, unprotectable start. Yee haw!

Spent some time with the fam on Monday flying kite's and playing with mini people at the park in Park City. The incident was well documented by others, check the other family blogs. One more day and the weekend begins! I'll crack a beer to that.

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zachary said...

ha ha! that truck in the header is mine now! :)