Monday, October 24, 2011

Castleton Tower, Finally!

I was in Utah for a few days, so I met up with my climbing partner and all around general pal, Eric, to go redeem myself on this iconic tower. The first time I tried ended up being such a clustercuss of morale, core shots and general stupidity that I didn't get very far. So I was hoping for a better try this time.

Eric drove down to my house in Price and we got up the next morning to head south to Castle Valley. We had a weather forecast of Partly Sunny, and ended up driving in the rain all the way to Moab. We told ourselves the whole way that the rain would clear up the closer we got. It fully did not. So we got some coffee and headed back to my house, 'cuz there is a hot tub there.

Day Two dawned much better, something like this:

So we jumped in the car and drove to Moab and here's some more pictures:

Looking up the first pitch. The dudes in front of us are hauling BASE jumping gear, and yes, one of them jumped.

This is the view from the sitting stance in the couple of pictures above.

Myself and Eric getting ready to rap after a perfect sunset. And yes, we did hike down in the dark, and yes, we brought headlamps.

The BASE jumper was amazing and as soon as I figure out how to upload and edit videos I'll post up a clip of the jumper. Amazing.

The route we climbed, Kor-Ingalls, was pretty fun and aesthetic. The climbing was wierd and sustained chimney climbing. Definitely not something I'm used to, but I'll try it again eventually. Right after all my skin grows back.

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